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Tower Rides (Intamin)

Intamin, the world's number 1 ride designer and manufacturer

Intamin, a Swiss company established in 1967, are the world's No.1 ride designer and manufacturer, and the exclusive rides partner for the VTP. Intamin, in conjunction with VTP Global have created a number of interchangeable rides for the towers. These range from gentle family rides to the most extreme experiences on the planet. It is the ability to interchange many of these rides that is at the core of the VTP business model.


Intamin theme park ride designer and manufacturer

Creating the right blend of rides and attractions is pivotal to the success of any entertainment destination. The incredible mix that we have created for the VTP, coupled with our unique ability to change and refresh the rides will keep visitors coming back time and time again.

Richard Pawley, Director of Rides and Operations, VTP Global

Continual Ride Development

VTP Global and Intamin are continually developing new ride systems. These 'next generation' rides will be added to future VTPs to ensure that each tower is always 'refreshed' and breaking new ground to provide:

  • Multiple and unique ride options;
  • Ability to interchange, refresh and add new rides;
  • Next generation rides constantly being developed;
  • Caters for all ages and tastes (some height restrictions for children).

How Many Rides on a Tower


Major 'International City'TowersTypically a ride mix of 5-8 rides would be selected


'Mid-Level' Towers

Typically a ride mix of 3-5 rides would be selected


'Entry Level' Towers

Typically a ride mix of 2-3 rides would be selected

3 Principle Ride Categories:

white knuckle ride

White KnuckleHigh level extreme rides and activities

white knuckle ride

Family AttractionsMore gentle attractions (some height restrictions for children)

white knuckle ride

ObservationScenic lifts and observation rides
at all levels

Example VTP Rides:

  • Sky Coaster
  • See Saw Coaster
  • Coaster Wheel
  • Zac Spin Coaster
  • String of Pearls
  • Hula Wobble
  • High Speed Accelerator Coaster
  • Space Shot
  • Half Pipe
  • Flight Trainer
  • Gyro Swing
  • Spinning Star
  • Barnstormer
  • Giant Christmas Tree Wheel
  • Parachute / Gyro Tower
  • Gyro Tower
  • Giant Drop
  • Rocket Ride (under development)
  • Burn Out Ride (under development)

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