Business Model

Revenue Streams

Primary and secondary sources of revenue
Primary Sources of Income

Ticket Sales

The primary revenue from each VTP project comes from ticket sales generated by the tower rides, access to the observation decks and the immersive rides within the Entertainment Centre.

The way in which these tickets are 'packaged' varies from country to country and our management team work with our local partners, research / focus groups and the investor to devise a comprehensive commercial ticketing matrix.

The majority of tickets are purchased online which enables high quality crowd control and queuing to be minimised ensuring visitor expectations are met at all times.

Ticketing options include (but are not limited to):

  • Standard;
  • Off-peak;
  • Fast-track / VIP;
  • Annual passes;
  • Family discounts;
  • School / university discounts.

Multiple interchangeable rides operational 365 days - day & night

Keeping the attraction fresh in the eyes of the public - all visitor areas fully enclosed More info