Business Model

Programme and Construction

Building a Vertical Theme Park


The overall programme for the delivery of each VTP will vary from location to location and is affected by the local government and statutory approvals process.

Typically from when project funding is in place it takes 10-12 months to complete the detailed design work and obtain the necessary approvals, and between 20- 24 months to construct the project.

A fast-track design / approvals and construction programme could therefore be as fast as 10 months with larger more complicated projects potentially taking up to 36 months.


The main project construction is carried out by a suitably qualified major local contractor and VTP Global will work with the investor to select the contractor and oversee their performance.

The tower rides are manufactured by Intamin in Switzerland and the immersive rides by Simworx in the UK. These rides are transported to site, erected and thoroughly tested before the grand project opening date.

Typically the construction is let on a 2-stage design and build basis however this will vary from country to country and VTP Global will work with the investor to ensure the most efficient and appropriate procurement strategy.

Design & Professional

Our management team work with a selection of specialist industry service providers who are required on each project.

For other more standard design and professional team requirements, VTP Global will work with the investor to select and engage suitably qualified local and international professionals.