Business Model

Corporate Structure

The investor(s) own the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for each VTP Project which is 100% financed by the investor(s) with a mixture of equity / debt. The precise structure and funding of the SPV will vary from project to project and VTP Global are able to input and assist where required.

vertical theme park investment SPV example structure

The investor(s) enjoy the Operating Profit from the operation of each Project.

The investor(s) enter into three separate agreements with VTP Global who are engaged as the long term operators of each VTP as well as the lead technical delivery partner during the design and construction phase:


Technical Services Agreement
(incl. Development Management)


Management and Operations Agreement (20 + years)


Royalty Agreement

Note: VTP Global will advise the investor as to the most suitable tower design, ride mix and uses within the Entertainment Centre in order to optimise return on capital. As a team we are able to work to a fixed budget and always look to value engineer the project throughout the design and construction phases.